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Thank you for visiting kipjones.net, and expressing an interest in me and my music.  Please do not hesitate to contact me at kipjones.net [at] gmail [dot] com with any questions, comments, or suggestions.

If you haven't yet listened to any of the sound samples on this site, I encourage you to do so.  The player at right streams four songs from HALLAZGO, my solo violin-and-voice outing.  I consider this material to be stylistically indebted to J.S. Bach, the Delta Blues, and Steve Reich, in equal parts. 

I am extremely comfortable performing solo.  Since moving back to Minnesota over a year ago, I have garnered some valuable experience performing alone in a variety of settings, in addition to scores of house concerts given while traveling.  My live setup is very simple, and consists of three channels: I use a condenser mic to capture my voice, and some of the violin, which is also equipped with a DI.  I then mic either the floor, or a wooden box to capture the stomp.  With this setup, I can comfortably perform in a concert hall, a loud bar, or an attentive coffee house.  In a very intimate performance context I use no sound reinforcement at all.

More information about my ensembles and projects, including sound samples, can be found on the corresponding page.

here are four high-resolution images for any appropriate press use:

Two videos, made during the tracking of HALLAZGO, have been posted to youtube.


Two more videos were taken during an interview at KUMD in May, 2010.

AWAKEN! / 깨어나라!  Th'MIND of th'SPIRIT - 성경의 생각

The following is my musician's bio.  If you wish you may also download it as a text file.

Kip Jones describes his music as "traditional fiction" or "experimental folk"; that is, traditional music from regions or people that don't exist.  Having dragged his violin across the Americas from Cape Breton to Tierra del Fuego, and across Asia from Kanyakumari to Jeollanamdo, years of travel have shaped his music into something both structurally foreign and profoundly American.

Listeners can expect a high-energy solo performance from Kip, who fiddles, stomps and sings, handing off the responsibility of melody from his voice to his violin.  This innovative (but traditional!) style pervades nearly all of his original material, which comfortably fills a two-hour concert, to say nothing of reinterpretations of the Foo Fighters, Björk, or Mississippi John Hurt, among others.
A violinist's son, Kip grew up in Duluth, Minnesota, and received his degree in Violin Performance from Boston's Berklee College of Music, where he studied jazz with Matt Glaser.  After a nine-month motorcycle trip that spanned the North American continent, he continued his study of improvisation with renowned Hindustani violinist Kala Ramnath, in Mumbai, India.  He met his wife, Noelle, in Minnesota, and the two soon moved to rural South Korea, where Kip's songs began to take shape.  Then, together, the pair embarked on a year-long odyssey through South America, where he captured the sound he had long been seeking.
He has performed at the Philadelphia Fringe Festival, Minneapolis' Orchestra Hall, Aerostitch's Very Boring Motorcycle Rally, Ecuador's Ministry of Employment, School Day in Gokseong, South Korea, and on subway platforms across the United States.  He has also performed scores of house concerts, from a failed hamburger restaurant in Veracruz to the roof of Tirana's Jordan Nisja School of Music; from a veranda packed with Bangladeshi migrant laborers in Kolkata to a 4-a.m. impromptu between a late pub crawl and an early bus ride in Ushuaia, Argentina.  He looks forward to embracing his future here, in Minnesota, where he is proud to have grown up, and happy to be back.
"Very interesting compositions and playing."
-  Jean-Luc Ponty
"Columbus-minded music"
- Listener on CD Baby
"A humor genius"
- Matt Glaser
"...going to be very busy."
- Kala Ramnath